Sep 23

Chatroleague attacks BUET student, sends him to jail for facebook post on Islamic greeting

A meritorious student of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) was beaten by Chhatra League cadres, simply on the suspicion of being associated with Islamic student organization Bangladesh Islami Chatra Shibir (BICS). The same student was then handed over to Shahbag thana police, who arrested him and sent him to court under a case filed by the very same members of Chhatra League against him!!!!

The incident occurred at about 12 pm in BUET campus on Sunday, the 21st of September, 2014.

The student attacked by Chatra League cadres was Tanzilur Rahman Labib (21). He is third year student of Material Metallurgical Engineering Department at BUET.

Witnesses said that Labib had come to the campus during the afternoon to attend to his academic affairs at the university. At the time, Chatra League cadres obstructed him and began brutally beating Labib. He was physically assaulted indiscriminately by his attackers, leaving him with severe injuries on his face, arms, torso and head.

After that, he was dragged to the room of BUET Vice Chancellor, Khaleda Ekram, where he was confined for three hours. Afterwards, the BUET administration handed over Labib to the police, who had been called by his Chatra League attackers.


VC Khaleda Ekram was reported to have said, “All my students are equal in my eyes. I do not judge (my students) by any party association or creed”. Journalists were unable to reach her or the Students welfare official for comments on whether they perceived the attack on a common student by Chatra League cadres solely on the basis of suspicion and subsequent his handover to the police as being justified.

Chatra League, on their part, have claimed that Tanzilur Rahman Labib is an active Shibir leader and Sher-e-Bangla Hall Committee in charge.

Unjust imprisonment,

Chatra League cadres, after handover of Labib to Shahbag thana police, filed a case against him under section 325, stating that he had attacked and injured several Chatra League cadres on campus that day!

Tanzilur Rahman Labib in Shahbag thana.

Imprisoned in Shahbag police station

On the next day, Labib was sent to court, where lawyers, citing details of the incident of the previous day, asked for his immediate acquittal. The police, on the other hand, asked for remand in relation with the case. The judge, despite being well briefed on the case, cancelled the appeal for acquittal, and also the appeal for remand, sending Labib to central prison until the next hearing.

A facebook status is the culprit?

Earlier, a day before the arrest, Labib had written a facebook status that criticized a custom followed widely in public universities of Bangladesh, and also in BUET. The custom in question was that of giving “Salam”, the Islamic greeting. Labib argued that “Salam” was being widely used in universities as a means of subjugation, not as a greeting of peace. He stressed on the fact that senior students saw the giving of “Salam” from a junior student as an expression of awe and respect. In this manner, he said that the custom of exchanging salam or greetings of peace had been defiled, and its real intention compromised.

To prove his point, he brought forward two real life experiences from BUET, one of which dealt with youth directly asscciated with the Chatro League custom of subjecting general students to follow this custom strictly in academic halls and the campus of the university. Although his status had many supporters, Labib only incurred more displeasure of the Chatra League in addition to his previous online stances of talking against their malpractices in specific and in favor of Islamic issues in general.

Status of Tanzil

Status of Tanzil

In the aftermath of his arrest, supporters of Labib started the hashtag #FreeTanzil in order to ask for his immediate release, with many posting a simple status such as, “ Assalamu Alaikum. We demand to #FreeTanzil”, as a reference to a possible cause for the indiscriminate attack against him.

Let common sense speak,

Whether it was a simple status, or a grudge against his stance, the attack on Tanzilur Rahman Labib should be condemned for what it truly is, a cowardly attack upon a general student by a government affiliated student organization misusing its political influence in order to commit abuses, unhindered, unchecked. We all need to raise our voice to condemn this cowardly attack upon a student by the state funded rogue student organization, the Chatra League.

Let us raise our voice to demand to #FreeTanzil


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  1. Ali Ahmad Mabrur

    It is really pathetic and shameful incident in a country which is known as the second largest Muslim country of the world. I think, the state apparatus , the media and the civil society are conducting a passive role in regards to Islam as they are more inclined to uphold their secular image. Such passivity encourages the vested quarter to make this incident happen..I condemn and protest this heinous incident and demand immediate release of Tanzil, the potential student of BUET.

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