Oct 04

Photo Blog: 3rd October, 2014, Friday protests at Baitul Mokarram against Abdul Latif Siddiqui



12:11 pm, Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon, an Islamist party, protesting remarks by Abdul Latif Siddiqui and calling for his trial. Place:Press Club, near Paltan, Dhaka



12:12 pm, Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon, an Islamist party, protesting remarks by Abdul Latif Siddiqui and calling for his trial. A closer shot. Place:Press Club, near Paltan, Dhaka



13:45 pm Friday Prayers have just finished. Protesters start congregating just outside the Baitul Mokarram premises, unfurling the banner. Place: Baitul Mokarram North Gate


13:45 pm Prayers finished. More people start gathering around the banner on steps of Baitul Mokarram. Place: Baitul Mokarram North Gate


13:45 pm Protesters getting more organised. Place: Baitul Mokarram North Gate


13:45 pm More protesters. The mehendi bearded old man in the front lower side of the picture had played a role in initially firing up the protesters around 5 minutes back. A great act of courage, considering that the security forces were standing in full riot gear, armed to the teeth and blocking the gate in large numbers. Place: Baitul Mokarram North Gate


13:45 pm The first slogans together. The classic “Naraye Takbir, Allahu Akbar” Place: Baitul Mokarram North gate


13:46 pm Closer picture of protest banner on steps of Baitul Mokarram. Place: Baitul Mokarram North Gate


13:46 pm Photo journalists in action. Clicking away. Place: Baitul Mokarram North Gate


13:46 pm Protesters getting fired up, ready for the protest Place: Baitul Mokarram North Gate


13:47 Protesters marching out of Baitul Mokarram towards gate, which were blocked for another minute or so by security forces who tried to prevent people from getting out but in vain. Place: Baitul Mokarram North Gate


13:48 Gates have been cleared by security forces who understand that number of protesters too big to be contained. On to Paltan intersection. Place: Just outside Baitul Mokarram North Gate


13:48 pm Part of big riot police contingent who tried to block protest just outside Baitul Mokarram. Photographers at near impossible angles trying to get a shot. Place: Baitul Mokarram North Gate


13:48 pm On to Paltan. Notice the huge army of photograpers trying to cover us all. Protesters on other hand showing their shoes in protest against Latif Siddiqui. Pace: Baitul Mokarram North Gate


13:49pm Another angle to the protesters out side Baitul Mokarram Place: Baitul Mokarram North Gate


13:49pm Intensity in the protests stronger than many recent protests I have attended. The rage here is intense! Place: Beside Baitul Mokarram North Gate


13:49 Below footover bridge beside Baitu Mokarram towards Paltan Place: Baitul Mokarram Noth Gate


13:50pm Protesters marching towards Paltan intersection Place: Near Paltan intersection, Secretariat


13:50pm Place: Beside Paltan intersection, Secretariat


13:50 pm Protesters can be seen as far as the vision can go. And most importantly, they are peaceful in their means, vociferous in their protest. Place: Paltan intersection


13:51 pm Police have cordoned off Paltan intersection with riot personnel and an APC. Protesters take detour to the right and towards Dainik Bangla intersection. Place Paltan intersection


13:51 pm An APC, armed and ready to respond at the slightest instance of indication of a march towards Press Club. Secretariat in the background Place: Paltan intersection


Protesters marching towards Dainik Bangla intersection. Slogans still ongoing, untiring and furious. Place: Stretch between Baitul Mokarram North Gate and Dainik Bangla intersection


The leaflets send a clear message. Protesters want justice, not only that of Latif Siddiqui’s but of all similar Islamophobes as well. Place: Dainik Banga intersection


Leaflets with strong clear messages Place: Dainik bangla intersection


13:57 pm Place: Dainik Bangla intersection


Placards saying, “We demand trial of all Islamophobes including Latif Siddiqui”, Assimilated Islamic Parties. Place: Dainik Bangla intersection


Placard reads, “We want exemplary punishment of Latif Siddiqui”. Another reads, “Libelous remarks against the Prophet and Hajj will not be tolerated”. Place: Dainik Bangla intesection


Clearly, people from all walks of life took part in the protest, and not just scholars and madrassah students. Place: Dainik Bangla intersection


One of the many banners in the protest, a glimpse of the earlier Khelafat andolon banner and their supporters in the protest. Place: Dainik Bangla intersection


Dainik Bangla intersection, the entry to Shapla Chottor. Remember the May 5-6 government sponsored massacre anyone?


Place: Dainik Bangla intersection


This was how the security forces had cordoned off the road to Shapla Chottor at Dainik Bangla intersection