Oct 25

Funeral prayers for promient Islamic Scholar Professor Ghulam Azam in Turkey

Activists and various organizations from Turkey were among the first to mourn the passing away of Professor Ghulam Azam. Social media activists raised awareness on the circumstances of the death of Professor Ghulam Azam as a victim of state sponsored injustice and oppression through the widely used hashtag #. Members of the Anatolian Youth Association (AGD), an association for unity and fraternity among Turkish youth in Turkey, rallied throughout Turkey to highlight the injustice against the Islamic scholar and arranged for funerals in absentia (gayebana-janaza). Funerals were reported to have been held in about 81 spots in Turkey. Various variations of the poster below was used for the initiative on social media.


Istanbul, Fatih Mosque premises

The funeral in absentia at Fetih Mosque was held under initiative of Anatolian Youth Association (AGD),Istanbul branch. The funeral prayers were attended by many including  AGD provincial Board member Ahmet Aslan, Anatolian Youth Association Istanbul Branch President Ali Uğur Bulut and BJI Saudi Arabian branch Chairman Professor Dr. Mohammad Zakir Hossain.



Absentia Funeral prayers were held in in the Central Site Mosque at Ilkadim district in Samsun the rendering of Friday prayers.  Members of the Anatolian Youth Association (AGD), Samsun Branch, took initiative in holding the absentia funeral of Professor Ghulam Azam.


Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) Gümüshane branch held ​​a press release on the demise of Professor Golam Azam followed by absentia funeral prayers at Gümüshane, Turkey.  Speaking in front of the Kemaliye Mosque at the press conference held after the Friday prayers, AGD Gümüshane Branch Chairman Naci Senel said that despite being seriously ill, 92 year old Islamic scholar and revered veteran politician Ghulam Azam was kept in detention until the last minute. Speaking of the futility of this oppression, Senel reminded of God’s promise that oppression can not continue on this earth forever, “No plan, powerhouse and technology is not greater than God’s promise. Surely this dark period will end and the world will be rid of the dirty hands of racist imperialist.”


Some other cities where funerals in absentia were held are shown below,




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