Nov 22

Bangladesh Fish Fry Release Initiative 2014: “Terrorists” saving the environment?

Many of us may have heard of the celebration of the annual “Fish fry release initiative” in Bangladesh a few days back. In light of a two pronged need, the release of fish fry into local water bodies has been long practiced as a double bonus begetting initiative, especially more so in the context of developing countries and their societies. This is mainly due to the two following reasons,

  1. Meeting the dietary needs of a large fast growing population. Fish and fish products are a relatively cheaper source of protein as compared to beef and mutton.
  2. An environmental initiative to help in raising awareness towards lowering dependencies on already overfished areas and fish populations, whether in the rivers or the seas, through fish cultivation and releasing fish fry into water bodies.

Shibir celebrates “Fish Fry Release Initiative”

Despite being shunned by a national and international media seemingly bent on identifying it as a shadowy and terrorist outfit (see IHS Jane Terrorism and Insurgency Report 2014), Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir continued on with realization of its mission of “Building honest, efficient and patriotic citizenry for a prosperous Bangladesh”. From 24th September to 30th September, 2014, Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, one of the largest student organizations in Bangladesh, declared a week long “fish fry release initiative” nationwide, where members from all over the country were instructed to take initiative in releasing fish fry into water bodies, preferably large open water bodies, and involve locals and eminent people in the initiatives. Furthermore students affiliated with the organization also took initiative in organizing seminars, rallies and the like in making the initiative a success during the period.

pona declaration

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