Jan 22

Chhatra Dal activist Motiur Rahman victim of extrajudicial killing at Chapai Nawabganj

Motiur Rahman, a Chatra Dal leader, was killed on 16th January, 2015, in Kansat, Chapai-Nawabganj, after being held by RAB, in another instance of extra judicial killing during the ongoing political turmoil amidst a widescale security operation by combined forces in Chapai-Nawabganj.

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Son of Montu Ali, the deceased was the vice president of Shyampur Union Chhatra Dal in Shivganj upazila, and hails from Guhipara village, Bajitpur, Shyampur. Whilst BNP claimed that this was plain cold blooded pre-planned extra judicial murder, security forces claimed that Motiur had been killed after an “exchange of fire” with the RAB.

On the other hand, after hearing the shocking news of his killing, his elderly maternal grandfather Bhogu Bishash passed away the next day.

In a classic version bearing all the signs of extra judicial killing, quoting the Rab camp commander in Chapainawabganj’s Kansat Upazila, a source at the Rab-5 said Motiur Rahman was killed in a ‘gun battle’ early Friday, 16th January, at Kansat Bazar. According to the source at Rab-5, the elite force detained three ‘arsonists’ from Shaympur Nari Kollyan School after noon on Thursday, the 15th of January, during the combined forces security drive at Shivganj. They were Matiur, Harat and Shyamol. Arrested Hazrat is son of Taibur Rahman of Chowdhurypara village of Shivganj upazila, while Shyamol is son of Mukherjee from Johurpur area.


‘Following their confessional statements, Rab accompanied the three in a drive at around 3 am near Kansat Bazar to nab hidden firearms,’ the source said. ‘Sensing their presence, their other associates started indiscriminate firing on the Rab men,’ it said. ‘Rab personnel were compelled to fire back. Motiur came in the line of fire and died on the spot. RAB informed that Hazrat and Shyamol, the other two arrestees, were in their custody.

However, BNP’s Chapainawabganj unit chief Shajahan Mia claimed Motiur Rahman was an activist of the party’s youth front. He was not involved with any subversive activities and there was not one criminal case or general diary against the deceased in the local police station, he added.

Abdullah Al Faruk Kuiz, the general secretary of Shivganj upazila Chhatra Dal, further informed that Motiur Rahman was a first year degree student at Kansat Soleiman Degree College.