Aug 07

Indian newspaper reports blogger Niloy killed in May 2015!

Secular Bangladeshi blogger Niloy Neel was murdered on the 7th of August, 2015, after assailants broke into his apartment in Dhaka’s Goran, according to the Bangladesh Blogger and Activist Network which was alerted to the attack by a witness.

However, it was found that an Indian newspaper has reported blogger Niloy to be killed back in May 2015!

blogger niloy killed in may 2015

An Indian news analysis site called DailyO was found to have posted an analysis article written back in 14.05.2015, with the following heading, “Niloy, Avijit, Ananta: Is Bangladesh Becoming Pakistan?” (see screenshot below), despite the fact that blogger Niloy was killed on 07.08.2015.

Daily O islamophobic

So what does that mean? Let us explore the scenarios:

Scenario A:

The Indian newspaper could have known about Niloy’s death beforehand(!) So was India involved in the blogger’s death???

Scenario B:

The post title was edited.

(In the case of Scenario 2, an important point noted by analyst Mohammad Munshi “So how is it possible that an Indian opinion piece written in May in the ‘Daily O’ mentions the name of Niloy in the title but nowhere is an explanation provided in the main text for the reference and this blogger is then slaughtered brutally today just after Jumma Namaz?” Please read his full status for more in depth analysis)

Assuming the saner scenario, i.e., the title was edited (but without any explanation provided), it is important we question WHY???

I would say that the answer is a no-brainer. The article is a hate-spewing writeup, frothing forth concepts of sectarianism and blatant Islamophobia. Taking this into account, it is imperative we come to the following conclusion: The Indian newspaper wants to spread a message of hate and sectarianism, laced with irrational Islamophobia.

Its high time we exposed such hypocrisy and stood against such blatantly construed Islamophobic attempts through knitting a web of lies in order to distort the truth!


  1. Chris Brown

    A mere slip, or an older piece re-worked to include the new murder would also seem possible.

    But, rather more significantly, I would love to find a context or place to discuss when being critical of Islam, or considering it in error, amounts to Islamophobia.
    Muslims seem to have no trouble being critical of my beliefs or considering them to be in error, so if that is OK, can I expect the same to apply when I post with the reciprocal perspective?

    And if that is not OK, I think that tells me something about Islam.


    1. Talukder Shaheb

      Thanks Chris. Yes, as you said, it may have being either, but what I wanted to ask was why, not really how. It doesn’t concern me how they may have changed, what concerns me is why they would have changed it. And yes, in this case I believe it to be Islamophobia because not only does it try to portray the whole spectrum of Islamists as being the ‘bad guys’, but it also compounds the issue by specifically trying to rhetorically fan up tensions, both communal and national, when there weren’t any to begin with.

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