Aug 13

[STATEMENT] Law-enforcers cross line of failure: Suranjit

Enough evidence found to arrest Niloy killers: Home Minister
Awami League (AL) senior leader Suranjit Sengupta said on Tuesday law-enforcement  agencies have crossed the line of failure over arrest of  killers who carried out repeated murder of bloggers, reports UNB.

“Bloggers are being killed one after another. Failures of the law-enforcement agencies have crossed all the limits. Where is their problem? There is nothing impossible for our law enforcers if they intend it. Why won’t they arrest the killers?” Suranjit said.

Taking a swipe at the IGP AKM Shahidul Haque’s recent comments that “bloggers and free-thinkers should not cross the limit”, Suranjit said: “Everyone has to be within the limit. Bloggers are being killed one after another. Have the law enforcers managed to stop the killing of bloggers within their limits?”

Suranjit, also an AL advisory council member, came up with the remarks while addressing a discussion on the country’s contemporary politics at the Institution of Diploma Engineers in the city.

The veteran AL leader said Niladri was killed in his own house in broad daylight. “Ananta was killed almost in the same style. Bloggers are being killed one after another. We don’t know what we are doing sitting idle.”

On the verdict on a contempt of court rule against the Daily Janakantha editor and its executive editor which is fixed for August 13, the former minister said democracy will be strengthened through this verdict.

Observing that no one is above the law, Suranjit said journalists as well as all the members of the appellate division, legislature, and administration have to work following the code of conduct.

Meanwhile, Enough evidence found to arrest Niloy killers: Home Minister Home Minister Assaduzzaman Khan Kamal said on Tuesday law enforcers have got enough clues and evidence to arrest the killers of ‘blogger’ Niladri Chaterjee alias Niloy.

“We’ll arrest the killers after scrutinising the evidence,” he told reporters after inaugurating Dhaka Area office of Department of Narcotics Control (DNC) in the city’s Gendaria area.

The minister said they do not want to do anything on assumption.  “If we do so, the real killers might get the scope to run away or look for opportunity to escape.”

He said all the elements of the evidence will be scrutinised and then all-out efforts will be given to arrest the killers.

Source: Financial express