Nov 17

What I make of ISIS a.k.a Daesh scenario in Bangladesh

Shakespeare would be proud to know that his quote, “All the world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players” could be so aptly juxtaposed onto so much happening in the world today, especially Bangladesh and the latest ISIS issues and alerts. Indeed Bangladesh would be the perfect example to this end. This is how:

a)  Self-declared Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, and her Awami League political party, have tried to follow the lead of so many before them in clinging onto power, by calling their opposition and those against them as terrorists and anti-liberation forces. As time goes on, it has become part of routine observation that the terms “terrorism” and “anti-liberation” and “opposition” have become so common in usage in the daily jargon of the Awami League enthusiast, especially lead Awami Leaguers such as Sheikh Hasina, or Hasanul Haque Inu (Yes, despite claiming otherwise, he is the perfect Awami League neo-con extraordinaire), that calling Khaleda Zia, a three time Prime Minister, a ‘terrorist’ is part of their routine vulgar jargon.

b) Daesh would be proud to know that it has become such a substantial plaything in the hands of kings and giants. The game of playing with the terrorism boogeyman has entered new levels in Bangladesh. Though beginning long ago, it gained new attention with the killing of the Italian Cesare Tavella in Bangladesh. Feeding a delusional ISIS-tinted West, the naive, bossy and arrogant Know-All Rita “Skeeter” Katz of SITE intelligence fed the fanatical frenzy of a hawkish media by announcing that ISISISISIS was behind the attacks. The statements by ISIS have been popping regularly from the hands of Mrs. Rita ever since, nicely styled, with the perfect prose and language so soothing to the sickness of the Western psyche bent on exposing Mahomet and billions of his AK-47 toting brown bearded evil militant followers.

c) India is always right. RAW’s word is Gospel. Sheikh Hasina and her party members parroted the comments of the Indian intelligence agency RAW on the absence of any kind of AQIS, ISIS, Qaeda, Daesh in Bangladesh. Instead, they were homegrown terrorists ready to take the country to the Pakistan Stone Age and implement the barbaric Shariah practice of cutting smelly toenails. Though the entities differed, such as “Ansarullah Bangla” according to the police (this was later rightly amended to the anti-liberation forces and opposition men by that bravely selfless Awami stooge and Police IGP AKM Shahidul Haque), or the BNP Jamaat according to Hasina and Inu, the fears of Stoneage Sharia and STalibanmen remained the same.

d) The US threat in repeating its “We will bring democracy and freedom” is something that Hasina genuinely fears, because that would rob her of her favorite line regarding blaming Khaleda Zia and the anti-liberation forces, in addition to her losing the self-declared PM-ship and fallout with the kingmaking Indian intelligence outfit, which has now penetrated Bangladeshi institutions and government like never before. The US, afraid that India is growing too fast, is trying its age old tactic of trying to limit India’s growth of influence in surrounding nation-states through the threat of bringing real democracy, a prerequisite for which is instability and the budding of some kind of what it views of terrorism. With the introduction of ISIS, so elegantly choreographed by the positively effusive Agent Rita Katz, both these conditions are set to be realized in Bangladesh.

e) ISIS still needs to get real in Bangladesh, and decide which employer to choose, RAW or the CIA.

f) Meanwhile, thousands of people still cheerfully get arrested in Bangladesh, and enjoy their jail stay in Dhaka, Kashempur, Chittagong, Rajshahi and the other jails. As a beleaguered Manabzamin reports, there were 8000 arrests in the past 15 days. Perhaps that is why there is little or no outcry on this. One government official said that this was a stabilizer in preparation for upcoming local polls, which the Awami League needs to win in order to convince media and the RAW that it is good enough to be in power. The bulk of the media is concerned with more important matters such as the the nation’s grand-daughter Tulip having a baby in the UK.

f) The BNP-Jamaat opposition, meanwhile, are fervently hoping the curtains will fall over this messy and now ridiculous play, so that they can have some respite.

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  1. Robi-ul Dawn Johnson

    Look brother, firstly your comments feel anti-awami and/or pro-bnp to me. That doesn’t concern me one little bit. What does bother me a little is your lack of understanding and/or evil intentions towards framing america in a way, as if to say that they intentionally created the IS. Whatever some of their defense/intelligence agencies have tried in the past has backfired to a certain extent. And that is what happened for real.

    Now whether you like it, accept it or not does not change the fact that america has large businesses which go beyond the sizes/volumes/influences of their rivals …(hollywood, apple, intel – electronics, facebook, etc in social medea.. coca cola, star bucks in beverages ..) …americans..and people who are aware of the country’s domination and are not dumb/evil realize the fact that america does not need oil at low prices etc to keep itself going.

    and also, face it, the IS operates in places which have oil, rare earth metals, etc..natural resources..their money comes from smuggling, and through donations. And also, they operate using top weaponry, things which are a lot deadlier, a lot more efficient, and a lot more advanced than the ones which are being used in these attempted framings in bd. Why not place welcome mats for the IS and stand with placards at the airports etc.

    So, no offence but what you make of this topic at all is quite close to utter non-sense.

    Stick to your shonar bangla only. Try to not to think about global issues too much hah ha.

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