May 11

Funeral in Absentia for Maulana Nizami in Turkey

Leader of Bangladesh’s Jamaat-e-Islami group, Motiur Rahman Nizami’s execution was protested in front of the Bangladeshi embassy in Turkish capital Ankara late Tuesday.

A group of people connected to several Turkish NGOs including Turkey’s IHH humanitarian relief foundation, protested Nizami’s execution.

A Turkish youth foundation, Anatolia Youth Association’s (AGD) Ankara head, Hasan Karaman said that the death sentence had been unlawful.


Meanwhile a group of AGD Istanbul branch members held protests in a park in Istanbul as well.

A funeral in absentia for Maulana Motiur Rahman Nizami was held under aegis of Anadolu Gençlik Derneği Resmi Sayfası (Anatolian Youth Association), in Istanbul, Turkey, held after the hanging of the Jamaat leader after midnight. The funeral was attended by mass people from all walks of life.

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