Aug 13

Lamentations of a mother – 1 year of Mir Ahmad Bin Quasem’s abduction in Bangladesh



From the Facebook post of Ayesha Khandkar, mother of Mir Ahmad Bin Quasem (Arman), who was abducted on 9th August, 2016 by state forces in Bangladesh,

Many days, nights and months have gone by, and a year has passed. Arman has not not come. He has not returned. Everybody had asked me to keep quiet…. “do not make any sound.”….. “They will return him..” With a rock on my chest, I sealed my mouth, and stopped moving my pen; I stopped writing on my keyboard, and waited, counting the days going by, hoping……. perhaps Arman would return now…… perhaps they would leave him lying somewhere. I have informed all neighbours, relatives and friends, “Be vigilant. The may leave Arman…”

The expectations of his release began to turn to convictions in the aftermath of Hummam’s release. Arman’s wife, my daughter-in-law, stands in the balcony every Fajr, staring at the road…. If they leave behind Arman by any chance! Ah my expectations! The empty looks return with failure…every time.

His (Arman’s) girls have been growing up to be quite mature. They never mention anything about their father consciously, but say to me, “Dadu, are you very worried for Abbu?” They pat me on the back and say, “Dadu, do not be worried. I have dreamt that Baba has come to us – he is laughing a lot and taking me into his arms. Do not worry Baba will come.”

Another year has gone by amidst hundreds of such expectations-aspirations for his release – three hundred sixty five days! Oh apple of my eye, my happiness my pain, warmth of my heart, coolness of my eyes….. my dear son… he has still not returned. For how long will I stay quiet?

For how long shall I wait?

How much more assurances of coming back/release will I be given by everybody?

The human rights organisations, police thana, RAB police battalions, political parties, Supreme Court Bar Association – did anybody do anything? Were they able to do anything? District police Commissioner did not meet us despite giving appointment three times – he said he was feeling embarrassed. Police tell us to look at Detective branch (DB). DB tell us to inform them if there is any news of him. And DGFI says, “why does everybody point the finger at us?”

My lord, for how long shall I wait? Will you not forgive me? Will you not be forgiving towards us? Oh our Lord, please become satisfied with us, and release back Arman to us. Atleast return him back for the sake of his innocent children. We can bear this painful separation no more.