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Nov 22

Bangladesh Fish Fry Release Initiative 2014: “Terrorists” saving the environment?

Many of us may have heard of the celebration of the annual “Fish fry release initiative” in Bangladesh a few days back. In light of a two pronged need, the release of fish fry into local water bodies has been long practiced as a double bonus begetting initiative, especially more so in the context of …

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Sep 22

Tree Plantation Drive 2014: “Terrorists” working for the environment?

The World Environment Day, celebrated every year on the 5th of June, is commemorated worldwide to raise awareness on environmental issues, especially conservation of the environment amid serious concerns due to the phenomenon of climate change. Taking into account the omnipresent vulnerable position of Bangladesh in light of rising sea levels and fast melting ice in …

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Sep 20

Literacy Day Bangladesh 2014: “Terrorists” imparting literacy?

Half a century ago, in 1965, the World Conference of Ministers on the Eradication of Illiteracy, adopted the concept of functional literacy.  This concept viewed literacy as a means for development, an integral part of the development process and not just an end in itself. Since then it has been accepted that literacy skills developed …

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