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May 28

If you are watching this, I’m either in solitary confinement, a hospital bed or dead #FreeSoltan

A new video showing 26-year-old American hunger striker Mohamed Soltan, held in an Egyptian prison for almost 200 days, was aired on Tuesday evening.  The video released by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour shows Soltan speaking to camera and appealing directly to US President Obama and the international community.  “If you’re watching this it means I’m either in …

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Apr 11

The story of Karima El Serfy, one among 22,000 illegal Egyptian detainees

‘Excuse me, can I just put my scarf on..?!’ ‘Someone give me something to cover myself with.. please’ These were the last words Karima El Serfy was heard saying before the line abruptly cut off as the military police savagely knocked down the front door of the apartment where she was staying by herself after the illegal detention …

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Mar 13

Arab League chief hails war crimes trial in Bangladesh: Why its not bloody funny…….

In what appeared to be another nicely put together happily ever after story courtesy of the Daily Star, funded by the government of Bangladesh, it was marketed as news of great significance that the Arab League chief Nabil El Araby has praised Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for holding trial for war crimes, according to the …

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Aug 24

Sayyid Qutb: Brother, you are free behind these gates

Let me share a post that a dear friend posted on social media: There are so many innocent fellow Muslims imprisoned for their Islamic views and stance globally (e.g Bangladesh, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE).  I wish we could hear what they are thinking. I just came across a poem that Sayyid Qutb wrote when he was in …

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