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Sep 06

In Pictures and Video: Funerals-in-absentia for Mir Quasem Ali on international scene

Saudi Arabia Funerals in absentia were held at many places in Saudi Arabia, including in Madina and Jeddah. Madina-al-Munawwara Jeddah A funeral in absentia at a mosque in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia. Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan held funerals in absentia for Shaheed Mir Quasem Ali. The album below shows salatul gayeb being led by Siraj-ul-Huq, Amir of …

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Sep 05

In pictures and video: Funerals-in-absentia for Mir Quasem Ali in Bangladesh

Manikganj This is the place where Mir Quasem Ali was buried. The pictures here showcase the first (beside the mosque built by himself) and second funerals-in-absentia after his main funeral. Dhaka Baitul Mokarram Mir Quasem Ali’s funeral-in-absentia was held at Baitul Mokarram mosque with popular public participation amidst tight security forces presence. Several of the …

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May 11

Funeral in Absentia for Maulana Nizami in Turkey

Leader of Bangladesh’s Jamaat-e-Islami group, Motiur Rahman Nizami’s execution was protested in front of the Bangladeshi embassy in Turkish capital Ankara late Tuesday. A group of people connected to several Turkish NGOs including Turkey’s IHH humanitarian relief foundation, protested Nizami’s execution. A Turkish youth foundation, Anatolia Youth Association’s (AGD) Ankara head, Hasan Karaman said that …

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May 19

Kamaruzzaman Funerals: The Photo Archive

Heart-breaking scenes and video from the main Janazah of Kamaruzzaman Mohammad Kamaruzzaman, prominent Islamist leader and senior Assistant Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami, was buried early on Sunday, 12 April, 2015, at Sherpur. The body of the veteran leader was buried beside an orphanage he founded in Mudipara, at Bajitkhali Union of Sherpur Sadar sub-district at …

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Oct 26

Huge anti #GhulamAzam presence at Professor Ghulam Azam’s funeral

I was walking at full speed towards Baitul Mokarram at about 12:48 pm to attend the janaza of Professor Ghulam Azam when this huge anti Ghulam Ghulam Azam presence beside the police box situated at Paltan junction beside the Secretariat really freaked me out. I was well, erm… expecting more of them……. embarrasing The whole …

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Oct 25

Professor Ghulam Azam death in jail mourned by Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi, leads janazah in absentia in Qatar

International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) President Sheikh Professor Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi and Secretary General Sheikh Professor Dr. Ali al-Qaradaghi have expressed deep condolence on the demise of Professor Ghulam Azam. On October 24, 2014 Friday, the IUMS top leaders and renowned Muslim scholars of the contemporary world organized janazah prayer in absentia for departed …

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